Meet Pure Performance

Meet Pure Performance®, Produced by Excel Paralubes

This short video is a great introduction to the new Pure Performance brand from Excel Paralubes, with a glance into the product characteristics and highlights. Watch to discover how Pure Performance can benefit your business.

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LowNoack Press Release

Excel Paralubes Announces Impressive Enhancements to Pure Performance® 110N, 225N

This announcement from Excel Paralubes offers a look at the significant specification upgrades of Pure Performance 110N and 225N base oils and their product highlights. Read the full press release to learn more about our new upgrades.

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Client Testimonial Prime Materials

Client testimonial- Prime Materials

2018 has been a landmark year for Pure Performance. We’ve been able to innovate many of our products and bring you incredible new upgrades. See how our product innovations are impacting clients like you.

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Savings Calculator

Use our Savings Calculator to discover how much you can potentially save by using our lower NOACK and lower CCS base oils.

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Client Testimonial Afton Chemical Corporation

Client Testimonial- Afton Chemical Corporation

High quality and reliability. See what else Afton Chemical Corporation has to say about working with Pure Performance.

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Pure Performance® 110N and 225N - Brochure

The enhanced specifications place Pure Performance® 110N and 225N at the forefront of the Group II base oils market. These products now offer some of the lowest volatility and cold temperature properties amongst Group II base oils produced in North America, with a potential to deliver improved blend economics.

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Video Brochure

Pure Performance® 110N and 225N - Video

  • Substantially reduces the need for Group III correction stock.
  • Sizeable savings realized by using enhanced Pure Performance base oils.
  • Low NOACK Pure Performance 110N and low CCS Pure Performance 225N specs are considerably superior in the Group II base oils industry.
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