• Truck - 3 business days*.
  • Rail - 5 business days*.
Orders placed with shorter processing times than the lead times set forth above will be accommodated when possible provided no increase in risk to health, safety, security, or the environment or equipment is involved, product and staff are available; however, such orders may include a USD $500 service fee.

*Excluding holidays and weekends.
You can find safety datasheets, Kosher certificates, specifications, and the ISO certificate by clicking here.
Download the railcar or truck loading requirements here.
Pure Performance® Group II base oils are a comprehensive, superior solution to meet all your formulation needs. Refined by an advanced hydrocracking and catalytic dewaxing process in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility by Excel Paralubes, our Group II base oils are highly saturated and free of impurities.

Superior viscosity control and reduced volatility provide better fuel economy and help lower lubricant consumption, while enhanced thermal and oxidation stability increases engine protection and helps extend the longevity of your lubricant.
Noack volatility (ASTM D-5800) is a measurement of the evaporation loss for lubricating oils in an internal combustion engine. Evaporation may contribute to oil consumption in an engine and can lead to a change in the properties of the lubricating oil. API, ILSAC, and OEMs have maximum volatility specifications for blended motor oils, and the component base oils in the formulation are the main contributors to the engine oil volatility.

The lower volatility of Pure Performance® 110N (when compared to other Group II 4 cSt base oils) allows greater formulation flexibility and cost optimization when blending engine oils.
Pure Performance® base oils have superior advantages for your formulations. Using advanced hydroprocessing, we convert crude oil molecules into water-white base oils that are virtually free of aromatics, polar compounds, and sulfur. The result? One of the purest Group II paraffinic base oils available on the market. To learn more about our revolutionary hydrocracking process, Download here.
Excel Paralubes is a 50-50 joint venture between Phillips 66® Company and Flint Hills Resources ("FHR"). Effective January 1, 2018, Philips 66® is the day-to-day operator and sole marketer of Pure Performance® products. FHR remains a silent financial partner in the JV.