PURE PERFORMANCE® is a registered trademark licensed to Excel Paralubes, LLC—a 50/50 joint venture between Phillips 66® Company and Flint Hills Resources ("FHR"). Effective January 1, 2018, Philips 66® is the day-to-day operator and sole marketer of Pure Performance® products. FHR remains a silent financial partner in the JV.

The Excel Paralubes plant is among the four largest producers of Group II base oils in the United States. Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, adjacent and attached to the Phillips 66 Lake Charles Refinery, the facility has an especially advantageous position on the Gulf Coast that enables superior logistical movements via truck, rail, barges and vessels.

Excel Paralubes maintains certification to the ISO 9001 standard and utilizes the principles of this standard in maintaining a management system focused on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, with the primary focus being safety performance.
Excel Paralubes was originally formed by the partners Conoco® and Pennzoil® in the mid-1990s. The concept was to produce a high-quality base oil from lower cost crude stocks. Construction began in 1994 on the Excel Paralubes facility. By late 1996, the project was complete and first shipments began in January 1997. The name Excel Paralubes was chosen to reference “Excellent Paraffinic Lubestocks.”

Today, Excel Paralubes is an integral part of the Phillips 66 Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex. While the JV partners have changed over the years, the vision of sustainably delivering best-in-class quality, innovations and customer service remains the same.

Excel Paralubes plant construction, 1994-1996
Excel Paralubes embraces the core values of Phillips 66 being Safety, Honor, and Commitment. Additionally, our Quality Policy is to be a leading organization in the supply of consistent quality products that provide the best value for our customers and contribute to our mutual success. We will achieve customer satisfaction and anticipate customer needs through our total commitment to quality and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Above all, our priority remains safe, reliable, and environmentally sound operations and practices.